Projected changes in interannual variability of peak snowpack amount and timing in the Western United States

This tool is designed as an interactive method for exploring changes in snowpack in the western U.S., with a particular focus on how interannual variability of snowpack amount, measured as annual maximum snow water equivalent (SWEmax), and timing, measured as date of SWEmax (DMS), are changing.

Instructions: Use the tabs at the bottom to select a time period, snowpack variable, summary statistic, and GCM (including a 10-model mean). You can also click on the map to display visualizations of the distribution of SWEmax and DMS values over historic and RCP 8.5 30-year periods. To zoom in on a subset of the map, brush over the area you'd like to see and then double-click; to zoom back out, double-click again.

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